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Ask Dr. Geek

Welcome to Ask Dr. Geek, the place to find all the answers to your technical questions. From the basic to the complex, chances are you’ll find a direct, easy to understand answer right here. We know it’s hard to sometimes make sense of all the technical jargon on the internet, and Ask Dr. Geek specifically…

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Top 10 Causes of a Slow or Freezing PC

support 1. System Start-up packed with too many applications (Start-up overload) Over time, as you add more and more programs to your computer, many of these applications automatically add themselves to your Windows Start-up folder. Additionally, these applications can add themselves quietly to a hidden area of your Windows Start-up system (accessed via the MSCONFIG…

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Computer Maintenance Tips

In order to keep your computer as trouble-free as possible, perform these simple steps periodically to keep your computer’s hard drive free of errors and your system hardware free of potential conflicts. Performing these steps on a healthy and malware-free computer will definitely save you money in the long run. Daily Maintenance Perform an Incremental…

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