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Remote Support

Have you ever been in the middle of a client project trying to meet a deadline, and suddenly a computer issue derails you at the last minute? There’s no time to wait for an onsite repair, what you really needed was an IT tech that could be there instantly in minutes.

That’s exactly what GEEK911 can do for you with our Responsive Remote-Support. You can have an experienced technician virtually at your side in a flash, ready to get your issue solved and your tech back in working order.

With remote support, we can log in to your computer securely and it’s just like we’re sitting at the keyboard. We have the ability to check out your system to diagnose and solve your problem in no time.

We can resolve 70% of IT issues remotely.

GEEK911 has a deep bench when it comes to IT know-how. Our techs are some of the most experienced in the San Jose/Silicon Valley area and provide efficient and courteous support.

Once You Try GEEK911 Remote Support, You’ll Never Want to Be Without It Again

Fast Problem Resolution

When a computer goes down, you’re losing money each minute that ticks by. Our goal is to get you up and running fast and minimize that costly downtime. Because we have a well-trained team with a rich knowledgebase, we can generally resolve a majority of issues in less than an hour.

We’re There When You Need Us

Are you burning the midnight oil to get a project finished? You’ll never have to worry about your tech support not being available at odd hours. With our remote help desk support, we’ll have your back for any IT issues.

Friendly Professional Technicians

We have such an amazing team of IT Geeks that you’ll almost be wanting something to go wrong just so you can speak to us. Seriously, our GEEK911 team is courteous always, professional, and we love what we do, which comes through loud and clear when we’re assisting you.

Affordable, Fixed Cost Packages

We work with small businesses as well as larger enterprise corporations and our prices are designed to be affordable for everyone. We believe in providing an excellent value, and remote support gives you all the expertise to keep your technology running at a very affordable cost.

There Wherever You Need Us

Whether you’re at a trade expo or visiting a client onsite, if you have a laptop, projector or other tech issue, our remote support has your back anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and we can virtually be on the scene in just minutes.

Support for All Your Devices and Apps

When you work with GEEK911, you’ll find that we have experience with all types of devices, including Windows and Apple products. Whether you have an OS update problem with your iMac or have an Android tablet that won’t connect to your printer, we can handle any tech issue you throw at us.

Stop struggling and start saving! Give our responsive remote support a try and experience the benefits for yourself.

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