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Data Services

When a computer goes down, the productivity costs add up with each minute you’re without your desktop or laptop. Whether you’ve had a hard drive crash, malware attack, or spilled something on your laptop’s keyboard, having a responsive professional that knows what they’re doing is important.

Data has also become the new currency of criminals, who are looking for any piece of personal and financial data they can get their digital hands on to exploit for a payday.

How do you handle all the data your office generates daily, keep it secure, and protect it from theft? It may seem like a tall order for a small business, but GEEK911 makes it easy with our dependable Data Services.

Data migration, backup, and recovery are all critical components to any healthy business. We’ll help you keep all those digital files manageable and easily recovered should a data loss incident occur.

With GEEK911’s Data Services, You’ll Get Peace of Mind and All these Benefits

Secure Backup Just How You Like It

Are you a fan of off-site, cloud backup systems? Rather keep your eye on your data with a local tape or disk backup? Whichever format you prefer, we’ll ensure your files are backed up regularly using leading-edge data protection technology.

Same Day Backup and Restore

Did you wake up in a sweat worrying about your data and whether it would be safe in the event of a natural disaster? Give our Geeks a call! We can do same day backups to put your mind at ease and also restore data same day to get you back up and running fast.

We Make Migrations a Snap

Are you dreading upgrading to a new server because you’re not sure how to get all your data transferred intact from one to the other? GEEK911’s data services include migrating data from system to another. We’ll ensure every byte is transferred securely and ends up intact in its new space.

Continuous 24/7 Protection

Our data backup and recovery solutions keep a watchful eye out for any attempts at a data breach. Your data backup is stored securely and has continuous protection and monitoring with 24/7 corruption protection.

Compliance Aligned

If you’re subject to data privacy regulations that have strict controls over how you store customer data, you’ll appreciate the fact that GEEK911 backup and recovery services are aligned with regulatory compliance and data privacy standards.

All Devices Included

Do you have backups of all your corporate data that might be floating around on employee smartphones? Not all backup solutions are designed to handle all types of mobile devices. We ensure every bit of data, no matter where it resides, is backed up in the same secure and easily recoverable format, so in the case of a missing mobile device, you don’t have to worry about lost files.

Keeping Your Business Resilient

Too many small businesses aren’t prepared for a major data loss incident. When you work with GEEK911, your business is protected and resilient, no matter that disaster may strike. So, in the event of a catastrophe, we can get your whole office restored and back up and running in no time. We can typically get virtual environments back online within hours.

Managed Backups that are Automatic

With automatic managed backups, you don’t have to worry that someone’s backup isn’t running like it should. We ensure all backups do their work quietly in the background grabbing every new file update, so if you need to recover one due to loss or accidentally deletion, it’s there… always.

Reliable backup and recovery are a necessity for any business and ensure your company can weather any storm, natural or manmade. Don’t wait until you’ve suffered a crash or data breach before putting a solid solution in place.

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