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5 Important Ways that Responsive Remote Support Can Keep Telecommuting Staff Productive

5 Important Ways that Responsive Remote Support Can Keep Telecommuting Staff Productive

We’re already several weeks into a changed reality due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many Silicon Valley businesses have transitioned to an all remote workforce sending employees home to work. Some of them, for the very first time.

More than a few companies had to make this transition quickly before having time to get a game plan together. They’re now working out the kinks in the system and wondering how to promote employee productivity in a “stay at home” restricted world.

40% of companies surveyed in mid-February, after the pandemic started, said they had an issue with “stranded employees.”

How do you keep your employees from feeling stranded and without the technology help they need when they’re suddenly working from home?

Responsive remote tech support can give your team the lifeline they need.

How Can Remote IT Support Help Our Remote Employees?

Many employees feel like they’re on an island by themselves when they’re working from home. This is especially true if a company had to make the remote switch quickly and did not have time to put a support system in place. 

If they have a problem with video conferencing software or aren’t sure whether or not they clicked on a phishing email, they’re left wondering what to do. This can drastically reduce productivity, putting employees behind and leaving them feeling more isolated than ever.

At GEEK911, we offer responsive remote support, and are there for your employees whenever they need us. They never have to feel like they’re alone when it comes to the technology help they need to do their work. They always have someone they can rely to be there for them, whether they’re having trouble getting email installed or need an emergency virus removal.

Here are the ways that remote tech support can improve employee productivity and eliminate that “stranded employee” feeling.

We Can Fix 70% of IT Issues Remotely

Many people have a misconception that very few problems can be fixed through a remote login. The fact is that about 70% of technology related problems that people have can be addressed by having a competent and certified technician login to your system remotely.

When we login, it’s the same for diagnostics and fixes as sitting at your keyboard. The few things we can’t address this way are related to replacement of parts, fixing broken keyboards, can’t connect to the affected system remotely, internet connection issues, and similar items.

Just a few of things we can address remotely include:

  • Software issues
  • Email setup or problems
  • Virus/malware scanning and removal
  • Blue screens and error messages
  • Registry errors
  • Website redirections and popups
  • Recovery of deleted files
  • Setting up sharing and team software
  • Microsoft Office issues
  • Problems with both Macs and Windows devices

Speed Up Slow Systems

If an employee is using their home PC for work and it hasn’t had an optimization done in a while, they could be getting through tasks more slowly than they did at the office. This is not only frustrating for them, it’s also a drag on office performance as a whole.

Through a remote login, we can tune-up and address slow systems and use optimization tools to improve speed and performance.

Reduce Time Spent Struggling with IT 

If you have 20 employees working from home that spend an average of 25 minutes a day struggling with a computer issue, that adds up to more than 41 hours per week (another full-time employee) in lost productivity.

Employees that have companies who support them through a remote tech plan, have the ability to contact an IT pro as soon as they run into an issue. This gets them immediate help, eliminates frustration, and keeps them productive.

Allow Employees to Work When They Want

Many jobs can be done at any time of day, giving employees important flexibility they may need while the entire family is at home from work and school.

If you’re working with GEEK911, you call us and we’re there.

Eliminate Security Worries

70% of security professionals say that remote workers are less secure than in-office employees. Lack of security and data breach worries often slow remote teams down.

Remote tech support isn’t just reactive, it can also be proactive. This includes helping employees set up things like virtual private networks, guest networks on home routers, and adjust Windows or Mac security settings to ensure their devices and network connections are secure and protected.

Don’t Leave Your Remote Employees Stranded! 

There is no business too small to benefit from responsive remote tech support from GEEK911. We offer affordable plans tailored to your employee and business needs.

Contact us to set up your remote support plan today! Call 1-866-433-5411 or reach us online.

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