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Not Sure about VoIP? Clearing Up Some of the Biggest Misconceptions about VoIP Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol, aka VoIP, was first introduced back in 1995, the days when dial-up was the main way people got online. While internet phone service and internet connections have both changed dramatically over the last 20+ years, VoIP still suffers from the reputation it garnered many years ago.

Mainly, that call quality wasn’t great and it didn’t have the necessary features to be used for a business phone system. But many companies are missing out on significant cost savings by hanging onto beliefs about VoIP that just aren’t the case anymore.

Approximately 36% of US businesses use VoIP phone systems (and the numbers are rising every year!)

According to Business 2 Community, organizations like Network World and Harvard Business Review have predicted that VoIP phones will eventually make land-line analog phones obsolete. The number of businesses switching to VoIP has increased every year over the last eight years.

At GEEK911 we’ve seen this trend and have been a big part of bringing the benefits of VoIP services to our clients in the San Jose and Silicon Valley area. We take care of everything from ordering to delivery to set up, and clients can make calls within minutes after receiving their phones.

But the thing that puts the biggest smile on our clients’ faces is that they can save 70% or more on their monthly phone costs by switching to a VoIP phone system.

So, what holds companies back when there’s such a big cost savings to be had? Misconceptions about VoIP phones and how they work. So, we’re here to clear those up so you can make an informed decision knowing all the facts about Voice over Internet Protocol.

Learn the Truth About VoIP Phone Systems & Why So Many Businesses are Using Them

It’s not uncommon to get questions about VoIP phone systems when we’re out performing managed IT services for our GEEK911 clients. We find that many businesses don’t realize all the features that VoIP systems have and that misconceptions have stopped them from experiencing the benefits.

Here are some of the biggest misconceptions about VoIP, and the way things actually are.

Misconception: The sound quality is poor.

The Truth: Both VoIP and broadband internet connections have come a long way over the last couple of decades. Gone are the days of sounding like you’re in a submarine or dealing with garbled calls. Today, you can’t even tell the difference between a VoIP call and a land-line based call.

Misconception: I’m not going to be able to use handset phones with VoIP.

The Truth: You can still have handsets with VoIP, plus other calling options, giving you more flexibility than ever. With VoIP, you can call using a:

  • Traditional handset adopted with VoIP software
  • VoIP specific handsets
  • Computer, using a headset or the built-in speakers and microphone
  • Mobile phone using a VoIP app

Misconception: Pricing isn’t going to be that different from a landline.

The Truth: Actually, it’s quite a bit different! You can save on average between 50%-75% or more on your monthly phone costs, with small businesses saving the most. Plus, new installations and adding new employees cost much less because there are no wires to install and no hardware to buy.

Misconception: I can’t keep my same phone number. 

The Truth: Yes, you can! When you work with GEEK911 on a new VoIP phone set up, we can have your same phone number transferred to the VoIP system.

Misconception: I’m going to lose phone features if I switch. 

The Truth: VoIP phone systems not only have as many features as the fanciest traditional land-line analog phones, they actually have a few more. Some of their standard features include:

  • Auto attendants
  • Call groups
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Call waiting
  • Do not disturb
  • Personalized greetings
  • Call routing
  • PBX/SIP Trunking
  • Call conferencing
  • Hold music
  • Voicemail
  • Remote office

Misconception: Clients will perceive us as small for using VoIP.

The Truth: Actually, the opposite is true. With VoIP you get all the fancy bells and whistles just like an enterprise company, but for just a fraction of the price. So, you’ll look like a larger company because you’ve got a professional phone system that answers and routes calls just like a large corporation.

Misconception: It’s not going to really change much around here.

The Truth: VoIP breaks the chains of a desk phone by going with you anywhere. Have an important client calling in soon, but you need to get on the road to a meeting? No problem! Just forward to your mobile phone.

You want to offer work from home options, but don’t know how it’s going to work with the phones? VoIP phones can be accessed from any internet connected computer or mobile device, giving you the ability to be a more mobile office without missing a single call.

Misconception: It’s going to be a pain to set up.

The Truth: VoIP phones are so easy to use that you can put them into action just minutes after getting them. Want to make things even easier? Call GEEK911! We handle everything for you!

We’ll have the VoIP phones delivered right to your door, then come and personalize everything you need from handsets to mobile forwarding to call routing and greetings. We’ll even show your team around the system.

Want to See How Much You Can Benefit from VoIP?

GEEK911 can give you glimpse of how much you could save in dollars and gain in features by making a switch to VoIP phones.

Contact us or give us a call today for a free quote (no obligation at all!). We’re here awaiting your call (on our VoIP phone) at 1-866-433-5411.

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