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Windows 11 Is Out! How to Prepare for a Smooth Company Rollout

Windows 11 Is Out! How to Prepare for a Smooth Company Rollout

With Windows 10 less than four years away from being retired, Windows 11 has been launched and is the newest iteration of the Windows operating system.

Microsoft is timing the rollout, so not all PCs have yet received the update. The company expects the updates to continue to be made available to current Windows 10 users through mid-2022.

Snap Layouts Feature in Windows 11

Windows 11 is an update that’s built around user experience and productivity. Many of its features are designed to help users do common tasks with more ease, such as multi-tasking with multiple windows open and using Microsoft Teams for calling, messaging, and more.

Any time you make a major upgrade to your work tools, it’s important to have a transition plan in place so user productivity doesn’t suffer. Planning your upgrade ahead of time also helps things go smoothly and mitigates any associated downtime.

Steps to Prepare for a Smooth Windows 11 Upgrade 

Check Your PCs to See if They’re Compatible 

Not all Windows 10 PCs will be compatible with Windows 11. The upgrade has certain requirements, such as a 1 GHz or faster processor, high-definition display, and more.

The first step in your upgrade plan should be to check all company computers to see if they are compatible with the upgrade or if they will need to either be replaced or have components upgraded to be compatible.

Replace Any Older Computers That Can’t Be Updated to Windows 11

During your preparations for a Windows 11 upgrade, it’s a good time to identify any older PCs that should be replaced. Once business PCs get 4+ years, they can be costing you more to maintain than the cost of a new PC. Slow computers also drag down user productivity.

The end of the year is a great time to upgrade your technology equipment because you can take a tax deduction for your purchases in a few months on your 2021 taxes.

Check Software for Compatibility

While most software that’s compatible with Windows 10 should work fine on Windows 11, you could run into some problems if you don’t check this ahead of time. This is particularly true if you use any custom-designed software that was made just for your business.

Check with all the vendors of the software that your team uses to see if there are any problems with upgrading to Windows 11 and if anything needs to be done to their application after that upgrade happens.

Schedule Your Desired Update Schedule With GEEK911

With Windows 11 being a free upgrade, many companies will be upgrading as soon as they can rather than waiting. It’s important to pre-schedule your upgrade with GEEK911 now. That way you can ensure a timely transition according to your needs.

We’ll also work to make sure that your users don’t suffer any downtime during the process.

Train Your Team on the New Features 

Windows 11 has a lot of features designed to improve efficiency, but if your staff isn’t trained on the new OS, they’ll naturally stumble around for a few weeks trying to adjust to the new environment.

You can avoid that by providing them with PC training on the new features ahead of time. This ensures they’ll already be familiar with what to expect and can take advantage of the time-saving upgrades right away.

Some of the most exciting features to look for in Windows 11 are:

  • Fast Connections With Teams: Microsoft Teams is natively integrated into Windows 11. Users just click an icon on the taskbar to call, video call, or message anyone. They can even message non-Teams users through SMS.
  • Easier Multi-Tasking With Snap Layouts: The days of struggling to arrange multiple open windows on a screen are gone. Snap layouts provides preset templates to insert open windows into and have them displayed in an optimized view.
  • Keep Work Separate With Multiple Desktops: The multiple desktops feature makes it easy for users to keep their work separated so they can focus on one area of their workflow at a time.

Provide Follow-Up Support Immediately After the Upgrade

The first few weeks after a transition are the ones where users run into the most issues. Make sure you provide plenty of post rollout support for your users so they’re able to get past any initial road bumps.

This would include providing support resources, checking in to see how they’re doing, and offering additional training if needed.

Contact GEEK911 to Schedule Windows 11 Training & Upgrades

Ensure a smooth upgrade by working with the pros! GEEK911 can help your Silicon Valley area business with a smooth and effective upgrade that allows your team to take full advantage of the new Windows 11 features.

Schedule a consultation by calling 1-866-433-5411 or reach us online.

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