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The ROI of Managed IT Services | How Much Can You Save?

The ROI of Managed IT Services | How Much Can You Save?When it comes to any business decision, the return on investment (ROI) is a key deciding factor. The same is true for outsourcing your tech support and technology upkeep through a Managed IT Services Plan.

Managed IT Services include things like monitoring your computers and network for any threats, installation of all OS security patches and updates, software and hardware maintenance, and tech support for you and your staff.

Many smaller businesses wonder, “What’s the break point when I’m going to start benefiting from having a pro manage my technology? 2 computers? 5 computers? More?”.

It’s a common question and one we help our clients answer at GEEK911. Our Managed IT Service Plans are designed for any size company and have affordable flat-rate pricing. We also don’t give you more than you need. We have plans that are for workstations only, servers only, or your entire network, so you’re getting a better ROI that’s based upon your specific needs.

So, how big does a company need to be to benefit from managed services? Can you actually save money? We’ll answers those question next and go over the ways you can get a fast return on your monthly investment.

Is Our Business Too Small for Managed IT Services?

When you’re growing your business, it’s a balancing act between doing things yourself and hiring an outside professional. Companies usually begin trying to do it all alone to save money but might not realize the time they’re spending trying to solve a problem is time not spent selling their product or services.

There is no business too small to benefit from Managed IT Services from a trusted pro, like GEEK911.

Technology, including apps and mobile devices, have integrated themselves and are talking on more workload, but that also means work stops when you hit an issue or tech question.

App confusion can cost 32 days per year in lost productivity. (Small Business Trends).

Tech support is just one area where managed IT services can save you money and help you or an employee get back to your day faster.

If one employee is using a new app for customer support that they don’t fully understand, that confusion could cost the equivalent of 32 days per year in lost productivity. If that team member is making $15 per hour, working 8 hours per day, that’s $3,840 per year just because they were trying to figure the software out themselves instead of having a pro to call and get help in minutes.

Guess how much our Workstation Management Plus plan is? The one that also includes iPhone, Android, BlackBerry / Smart Phone Management? It’s just $79/month or $948 per year.

So, in this scenario, which is just one workstation, that employee could’ve received help right away and the company would actually save over $2,800 by reducing lost work time. (and that doesn’t even include all the other IT benefits of the plan!).

How Do You Save Money with Managed Services?

The scenario above is just one example of where you can get a significant ROI with Managed IT Services even if your business isn’t large. There are number of ways that GEEK911’s flat-rate Managed Services Plans keep paying for themselves month after month and save you both time and money.

Downtime can cost small businesses up to $8,600 per hour. (Aberdeen)

Reduced Downtime

Reducing your downtime by keeping your technology running smoothly is one of the key areas you’ll save money. Downtime is costly for companies because it can cost sales every moment their network or computers are down.

If you had just 30 minutes of server downtime in a month, you would’ve already seen a pretty big ROI if you had one of GEEK911’s proactive IT Managed Services Plans. Our Premium plan is just $499 per month, so you would’ve saved about $3800 by avoiding that downtime.

Better Productivity

A productive office is one that is serving customers and helping your business grow. When employees have to stop what they’re doing to fix computer problems, productivity comes to a standstill.

If you have a monthly plan for managed services, computer issues are headed off before they occur and if your employees need tech help, they can get it right away.

Security & Compliance

Does your company need to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)? Compliance violations can mean big fines if a data breach occurs.

Managed IT Service Plans include 24/7 monitoring of any threats to your system security, which saves you from compliance issues and keeps your data and network safe from hackers.

Lower Hardware & IT Costs

Just like you keep your car maintained with regular oil changes to avoid big repair bills if you don’t, computers and IT equipment also need regular maintenance to improve longevity and keep them running smoothly.

By signing up for an IT services plan you can control your IT costs and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and the urgent repair bills that go with them.

Find a GEEK911 Managed Service Plan that Fits You Perfectly!

No matter what size business you have, our Managed IT Service Plans can give you an excellent ROI and reduce your IT stress tremendously!

Our plans give you the support you need without giving you what you don’t, and are easily scalable.

Give GEEK911 a call today toll-free at 1-866-433-5411 or reach out online and we’ll find a plan that fits your business like a glove.

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