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Grow Your Business by Making an MSP Your Technology Partner

Grow Your Business by Making an MSP Your Technology Partner

Today, business and technology are pretty much synonymous. Technology processes are so infused in the operations of a company in Silicon Valley, or anywhere else in the country, that if IT is inefficient, so is the business.

There’s a big difference between companies that just use technology at the basic level and those that are considered “digitally advanced,” meaning they put together smart cloud strategies and business technology infrastructures to keep themselves competitive.

According to a report commissioned by Google related to technology and small businesses, those companies that take full advantage of digital infrastructure have the following advantages over those that don’t.

  • They earn 2x as much revenue for each employee they have
  • They see year-over-year revenue growth at nearly 4x as high
  • They have an average employment growth rate over 6x as high

Another surprising statistic the report brought out was that 80% of small businesses just don’t take full advantage of their digital tools. They use the basics, don’t have a comprehensive strategy, and as a result often lag behind their more advanced competition.

Why does this happen? In some cases, it’s because they don’t’ realize the importance of optimizing their use of digital solutions, and in other cases it’s because they simply don’t know how. They don’t have a technology partner to guide them. 

This is exactly what a Managed Services Provider (MSP) does. We help businesses think just as strategically about their digital tools as they do about every other aspect of their business.

We can deliver a digital roadmap to help them get where they need to be to grow revenue, tap new opportunities, and stay a step ahead of everyone else.

What Can Working with an MSP Do for My Business?

You might think of MSPs in terms of managed services and computer and server maintenance. While that’s a big part of what we do, it’s also just one facet of working with a managed services provider.

Here are some of the other ways we can help you grow your business.

Ensure Your Cloud Infrastructure Is Optimized

One thing the pandemic emphasized was the importance of having business processes in the cloud. But if companies don’t have a smart strategy, use of the cloud can quickly be plagued by things like redundant SaaS subscriptions, shadow IT, and inefficiency.

What an MSP partner, like GEEK911, can do is help you move to the most efficient and integrated cloud platforms, migrating data intelligently. We can also ensure your cloud infrastructure doesn’t get out of control or become unsecured by assisting with ongoing management.

Keep Your Remote Workforce Productive

A majority of companies are going to continue allowing employees to work remotely. 77% of surveyed businesses say that they’ll have more employees working 3+ days per week from home even after the pandemic is over.

An MSP partner can ensure that you’re deploying a remote workforce securely and productively, allowing you to take full advantage of the cost saving benefits.

Through fast remote support, your MSP partner can ensure your team has the backup they need no matter where they’re working. Rather than feeling disconnected or “on an island,” remote workers can feel more productive than ever and have the support they need to work efficiently.

Help Protect Your Company with a Business Continuity Plan

Trying to prepare your business for anything and putting a system in place that protects you from a data breach, natural disaster, or the next pandemic, can be daunting.

Trying to do that on your own while also running your business leaves many companies just giving up or only doing a plan once in a blue moon and never reviewing it.

This type of heavy lifting on a business continuity strategy is exactly what an MSP partner is for. Our experience with technology capabilities and multiple other businesses ensure you’re going to have a plan that has you covered no matter what unexpected future event may occur.

Keep Your Technology Costs Optimized

Without expert guidance, it’s easy for a company’s technology costs to get out of hand. They could be paying more than they need to, without receiving any additional benefit from that expense.

Partnering with an MSP can help you keep costs optimized and prevent you from paying too much for SaaS subscriptions, cybersecurity apps, or on-premises infrastructure.

It’s our mission to optimize all aspects of your technology, from how your team uses it, to how securely it operates, to its cost efficiency.

Partner with GEEK911 to Improve Your Technology Use 

Find out just how much better your use of technology can be and reduce unnecessary IT costs by working with GEEK911 as your Silicon Valley MSP partner.

Contact us today to schedule a technology review! Call 1-866-433-5411 or reach us online.

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