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Everything You Need to Know About Managed IT Services (What is It? How Does it Work?)

Everything You Need to Know About Managed IT Services (What is It? How Does it Work?)If you’ve ever had a computer emergency and needed to search for an IT support company to help, you’ve most likely run across the term “Managed IT Services.” But what does that mean, exactly?

It’s kind of a general term but wrapped up inside it are important IT solutions that can help keep your business running efficiently and your technology infrastructure operating smoothly.

Technology has become a critical part of any business, no matter what the industry. From email and smartphones to printers and desktops, most companies come to a screeching halt if their technology goes down.

And while many small and medium-sized businesses start off doing things themselves, once they start growing past a couple of employees, there are real security risks and productivity costs that come with trying to be your own IT support.

In our GEEK911 Introduction to Managed IT Services, we’ll take the mystery out of this term. We’ll tell you what it is, what’s typically included, and how it works from the business owner’s point of view.

We’re proud to be the chosen Managed IT Service Provider of successful companies in the greater San Jose/Silicon Valley, California area. We’ve been helping businesses thrive since 2006.

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly Managed It Services can do for your company and if it’s worth it. Read on to learn more!

What are Managed IT Services, Anyway?

Managed IT Services are a bundle of computer and technology support services provided in a single package for a monthly or annual fee. It’s designed to give you proactive IT maintenance and support, rather than reactive (after something goes wrong).

So why would you want to sign up for a Managed IT Services Plan?

  • Big cost savings over having your own in-house IT staff
  • It’s cheaper to proactively maintain IT than to wait for it to break
  • Allows your team to stay focused on your core business
  • Reduces costly downtime when a computer or network goes out
  • Includes IT support when your team needs help with a software question
  • Management of all your technology vendors (cable company, etc…)
  • Controlled and predictable IT costs (rather than unexpected ones)
  • Less risk of a data security vulnerability or breach

How Do Managed IT Services Work?

It’s pretty straight-forward. You simply sign up based on the amount of equipment you have to cover, pick a service plan, and begin enjoying managed IT by our professional technicians. GEEK911’s flat-rate managed service plans are easy to fit into your company’s monthly budget and you’ll find they lower your overall IT support costs.

72% of organizations outsource their IT support. (Deloitte)

According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, nearly 3 out of every 4 companies around the world find it cost effective and more efficient to outsource their IT. Their number one reason for doing this? As a cost cutting tool.

So, what are you getting when you sign up for a Managed IT Services Plan? Let’s find out!

What Do I Get in a Managed IT Services Plan?

The reason so many businesses sign up for Managed IT Services is because it makes sense for their bottom line. They find they can better take care of all their technology needs with an outsourced IT pro rather than trying to do it all themselves.

Many of our clients at GEEK911 say they feel like we’re their in-house IT because we’re always there when they need us at a moment’s notice.

While each IT provider may package their managed services slightly differently, here’s what you can expect when you sign up with GEEK911 for Managed IT Services in the San Jose and surrounding area.

All These Services in One Affordable IT Package!

  • Installation of a small software agent on your PCs & server to gather vital information and monitor the health of your system
  • 24/7 monitoring of any potential issues
  • Vendor management for all your IT vendors
  • Proactive software and hardware maintenance
  • Help Desk support for your staff 9AM to 6PM Pacific M-F
  • Installation of all OS updates and security patches
  • Notification for any major issues that arise
  • Regularly scheduled visits to your office for on-site training and other support services
  • Some plans include managed anti-virus software and nightly server or PC backup and/or imaging
  • Fast response for all repair issues that come up… no extra charge!

Why Am I Doing This Again?

For peace of mind, security and trust from your clients, and an office that’s always running smoothly (in the IT department, anyhow!). GEEK911’s Managed IT Services make your job of running a company easier by taking the stress out of one of the most vital parts of your business, your technology.

Get a Free On-Site Consultation Before You Sign Up

Are you intrigued by Managed IT Services but would like a little more info before you sign up? No problem. We can do that!

Just give us a call today toll-free at 1-866-433-5411 or reach out online to schedule a free on-site consultation and for any questions you have.

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