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Computer Support Experts You Can Trust

Are you looking for the holy grail of affordable IT support for your small business in the San Jose/Silicon Valley area? 

From keeping your equipment optimized and efficient to training your team on the best productivity tools cloud providers have to offer, we’re like an extension of your company working to keep your technology resources effective.

In today’s data-driven world, your technology is a vital part of your business infrastructure. Working with GEEK911 means you never have to worry about technology issues again. We have dozens of resources all available to you at a fixed “small-business-friendly” cost, and they all include unlimited support, anytime of the day or night. Your success is our main objective!

Trusted everywhere:


Our agency has been in business more than 30 years. We have many computers in our office. From time to time they get scrambled, infected , etc. Or on occasion we may need to have a new computer set up and loaded with various software programs. Over the many years in business we have used a great number of computer service providers. GEEK911 has provided us a level of service and competency we had never experienced. (Not even close). Their knowledge and skill is truly quite amazing. We have had a couple of emergencies whereby they were out to see us within 24 hours. I could not print enough positive words for these people. It is so rare these days to find any service provider as competent, skilled and passionate about their work.

- Jerry Caracciolo
Village Insurance Services


"I have been using these guys since 2012 and I love them.

They are fast and efficient in response, and they have always solved my network problems for my website and software. They even trouble shoot and fix my computers. Finally I thought it is a time to give these guys an online rating that they deserve."

- Joseph B.


"Great service from GEEK911.

I have had my laptop looked at by several places in the last few years and not one of them could repair and improve the speed.  I am so happy that I can keep my laptop a while longer and continue to use as much as I do use it.  Ninev was great and really helped me with my laptop and has also helped me with my desktop, and what has been great is that they come to you.  I have recommended them to all my clients and family."

- Roslyn B.

IT Support Services

GEEK911 is a complete technology solution provider. We offer systems, support services, and a number of additional services as well. These include:

Business IT Support GEEK911

Business IT Support

LAN/WAN setup and configuration, firewall/router/VPN configuration and installation, network administration, network printers, wireless network

computer repair GEEK911

Computer Repair

System tune-ups, operating system and software upgrades, virus and spyware removal

Data Services GEEK911

Data Services

Our one-on-one and small group makes training very personalized. You get trained on your own computer in your home or office, and there is no

Cloud Services GEEK911

Cloud Services

Cloud servers, cloud backup, on-site server virtualization and consolidation, hosted application software, hosted email

Network Support GEEK911

Network Support

Before you invest significant amounts of money into your IT projects, get the advice from the experts!

Remote Support GEEK911

Remote Support

We can fix most issues remotely and quickly without even having an onsite visit (internet access must be operational for remote support)

Our Happy Clients

"GEEK911’s best attribute as computer guys are not their computer skills, which, by the way, they have in abundance, but their ability to explain what’s going on in plain English. No computer-geek-speak here! I (Yes, Virginia, even I!) always left our conversations with a clear understanding of what was needed and what the other possibilities were. I found this to be extremely refreshing, having had my fair share of computerese throughout the years."

- Gary Neese

“When I first started my home-based business a year ago, I didn’t even know how to use my computer. I took a few one-on-one training lessons from GEEK911 and with their patience and knowledge I have flourished into a savvy business woman. In my opinion GEEK911 are the best computer gurus out there. If I get stuck I can call them and they’ll walk me through it with patience. They’re the BEST!!!”

- Theresa Rowland

“GEEK911’s computer expertise has been incredibly helpful to me these last few years. They know their stuff, are quick but thorough and I recommend them highly! They know just what to do and I am very grateful for all their timely help. Their people are always willing to walk me through any challenge I may be having with my computer and I am so appreciative of that. They even took the time to shop around to find the perfect new computer for my needs as well as to set it all up for me. I will continue to use their services if and when I ever need them again. Thank you GEEK911!”

- Mary Chevalier

“My geek was kind and patient, knew just the right amount of technical information to give, not too much to overwhelm but enough so I felt confident and independent.”

- Jake Anderson

“Thank goodness for GEEK911, when good help is needed and fast, you guys come through every time. Because of your professionalism, expertise, fast turn around and all for a very fair charge, I will continue to recommend you to all my friends and colleagues. Thanks again for your help, Your client for life!”

- Jeannie Hobbs


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